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Raise hand, mention your name and your intention (load or other) to the judge so he can focus on you.

Cardio ratio
X calories/meters males and X females = 1 répétition.

Active load (on tension) and/or "touch & go". If a no rep is called by the judge, the athlete must restart from the beginning and the Call is lost.

The Transition between athletes must be done through a Contact with the hand.

Movement done while the primary movement is executed. Primary movement must be completed done for the During to end.

Gymnastic ratio
Adapted exercice based on gender.

Anyone can help modify schema. Modify loads, move accessories or anything else.

The team must follow the Order, sequences and any other imposed indications.

Exercices must be executed at the same time.

Alternated execution and following a sequenced order (1,2,3,1,2,3,...). Indications will provide where athletes must hold: Down / Up.

Round / Exercise
Must be executed with the / all starting athletes.

All athletes begins outside the Action zone for each Period.

Synchronized exercises are done with 2 athletes, unless specified otherwise.

To change, the athlete must leave the Action zone so another athlete can come in.

Execution must be done under tension at all time and cannot wait more than 3 seconds between reps.

Weightlifting ratio
Female load multiplied by 1.5. 100 lb = 150 lb.

Reset cadran to 0 before the next execution.

Zone libre
After Start, athletes can stay within the Action zone.